Bronwyn offers private yoga sessions for individuals and small groups and is also available to work for corporate clients!

Private sessions might be a fit for you if:

  • You're a busy student/professional who wants to build a home practice

  • You’re new to yoga and are intimidated by large classes

  • You’re an advanced practitioner who wants to be further challenged

  • You’re an athlete or dancer looking for a tailored practice to complement your current regimen

  • You have an injury and need guidance on specific sequences and modifications to alleviate pain

  • You simply want to reduce your stress levels and improve your health &wellness.

Corporate sessions might be a fit for your company if:

  • You’re looking to bring health and wellness to your company culture

  • You want raise company morale, motivate staff, and increase well-being

  • You're looking to offer a low-cost preventative wellness class to lower stress levels

  • You want your employees to feel more energized and productive

Feel free to contact Bronwyn HERE or at to request
additional info on rates, package deals, and other questions!